A new creation of the Pokémon GO developers in which your smartphone becomes a portal between our world and the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling. Augmented reality technology changes the world around the player, unveiling characters and items known from Harry Potter books. That’s because of the Calamity, which the player, a freshly baked wizard (or witch) must remedy. The foundables have to be returned to the wizarding world in order to protect magic from muggles. They are, however, protected by many foes and challenges that may require cooperation of a number of trained magicians. For those willing to join Harry, Hermione and the bunch there are three professions to choose, many spells to master, various curiosities to discover and countless adventures in the world full of magic from J.K. Rowling books which, thanks to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, is for all to discover.

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